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Black Friday

Black Friday 2024, 2025 and 2026

Black Friday in South Africa is a shopping observance imported from the United States that traditionally falls on the fourth Friday of November – the day after American Thanksgiving. It is not a public holiday, but many people do “celebrate” it by going shopping at malls and online.

202429 NovFriBlack Friday
202528 NovFriBlack Friday
202627 NovFriBlack Friday
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Black Friday has been increasing in visibility in South Africa over the last several years, pushing the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season earlier. In the late 2010s, South African malls and retailers began promoting Black Friday with vigour, and the effort has been very successful. It has created a gigantic shopping day, along with the accompanying crowds.

To some extent, many South Africans change the timing of their purchases rather than changing the amount or the product due to Black Friday sales. But there are still many big-box purchases, and online purchases are also soaring on this day as compared to the past.

Previous Years

202324 NovFriBlack Friday
202225 NovFriBlack Friday